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Credit Policy Tips
Practical tips about creating and implenting a successful credit and collections policy, including a free sample policy.


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The information you need without information overload.  You'll receive 2 emails weekly for six weeks.


spreadsheetFree Forms & How-Tos
The course includes practical how-to guides and free credit policies, credit applications, and lien policies. 


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zlien's resources are prepared by construction credit experts and licensed construction attorneys.

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From Experts in Construction Credit

This six week course was created and written by credit and legal expert, Scott Wolfe Jr.  Scott Wolfe is a licensed construction attorney in six states with extensive experience in construction and corporate credit and collection practices. The course focuses on issues specific to the construction industry.

Scott's knowledge of the lien laws across the United States is not just impressive - it is shocking. You get the sense that he actually enjoys reading the archaic lien laws from across the 50 States (and he even finds ways to explain them and make them fun). He is a true asset to the field of construction law.”

-Vincent Pallaci, Founding Partner, Kushnick Pallaci, PLLC