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Send Unlimited Notices

You can send unlimited notices & waivers with zlien. And more. 

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Show Me How

Send unlimited notices

Our goal is to help you protect the money you're owed, for every project that you work on. That means you shouldn't have to worry about whether or not you can send a notice — you can send unlimited notices.


Learn and track your deadlines

zlien's platform makes it easy to learn your notice deadlines and requirements for every project in your account. When you enter project information, your account will automatically calculate and display your notice requirements. All you have to do is click a button to send the notice.

View your notices and track mail

Yes. You can view a copy of every document associated with each order. This includes your notice and mail slip, a property report for the project address, an affidavit of delivery, and a certified mail return receipt (when available). You can also track the USPS mail status of every critical mail piece.

Send with confidence

zlien sends every notice according to state laws. Our system knows who your notice needs to be sent to, which mailing method to use, what your notice needs to say and how it should be formatted. Our legal team continually monitors changes in lien laws and updates our process as needed.