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Today 30 companies just like you will make getting paid on projects easier with zlien.

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You Have A Lot On Your Plate

You wear a lot of hats.  One thing on your plate is getting money in and out of the door. Get waivers, notices, and other payment paperwork off your plate.

Peace of Mind It's Done Right

When you report to your boss about slow paying accounts, have peace of mind that you've done everything right on the account, and are best positioned to get paid.  

Is your company first in line for payment on jobs?

Do you sometimes hunt down checks with phone calls and emails?  Wouldn't it be nice if your company was first in line for payment every time, and those checks just came in?  Learn what others in the industry already know.

Everything in one place

Keep all of your waiver, notice, lien, and payment paperwork in one place.