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Prompt Payment Resources

Nationwide Review of Prompt Payment Laws From Leaders in Fair Payment 

Which Prompt Payment Laws Apply To Your Project?

Understand how fast and fair you are supposed to be paid on a construction project

zlien is publishing resources and FAQs for the prompt payment laws and requirements affecting the construction industry in all 50 states.

Prompt payment laws exist in nearly every state, and across the globe, to require construction participants to pay those below them in the contracting chain within a defined period of time. If a payment is made late, the paying party may be subject to penalties, interest, and other negative expenses.

zlien's Prompt Payment resources promise to be as comprehensive and industry-leading as its 50-state mechanics lien and bond claim resources, which are relied upon by hundreds of thousands of industry participants every year. Submit this form to be notified when we publish our free resources.

  • Nationwide Prompt Payment Law FAQs
  • Information related to every type of project (private and public)
  • Compiled by construction law attorneys
  • zlien is the leader in fair payment resources

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