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The Future of Construction is Here.
It is Collaboration. It is zlien.

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California has complex requirements to send notices, exchange waivers, and file liens on a project. The Placer County Contractors Association has partnered with zlien to simplify this process for their members. 

zlien customers have access to automatic conditional waiver exchange, project stakeholder visibility, and payment security. They create and send notices, waivers, and liens in minutes. No printing out forms, no checking mail orders, and no reading tedious legal documents.

We believe the future of construction is fair and collaborative. We help thousands of customers get paid on time everyday with as little hassle as possible.


zlien Features

  • Generate, Exchange, and Track Lien Waivers
  • Automatically Calculate & Track Deadlines
  • Integrate with Accounting Software
  • Data Verification & Project Research
  • File Lien & Bond Claims, and more

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Want to learn more?

If you want fast, regular payments on projects, talk to zlien.

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Need help now?

Unpaid on a job? File a document or send a notice in minutes. Based on your project information.

We'll help you choose the correct document and make sure it's sent on-time to secure payment on your project.


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