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This Is Everything You Need To Know to Get Your Lien Filed, And Paid

  • Are you getting slow-paid?
  • Are your accounts receivables spiraling out of control?
  • Is something making up a dispute about your work to avoid payment?
  • Are you waiting on money to trickle down from the owner?

Getting paid in the construction industry can be tough, but it doens't have to be. The mechanics lien is the most effective way to turn problem accounts into cash, and this is an essential guide to getting your mechanics lien prepared, filed, served, and paid.

Included in this eBook:

  1. What Mechanics Lien Do and Why They Work
  2. Step-By-Step Guide to Preparing And Filing A Lien
  3. Important Questions For The County Recorder
  4. What To Do After You Filed Your Mechanics Lien
  5. How To File Your Mechanics Lien Online
  6. Demand Letter Template: Demand on a Mechanics Lien

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