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Do you know your next notice deadline?
Track mail, download documents, and view the security status of any project, all from one place.



How do you secure payments on projects?
With zlien's 1-touch and automated ordering, you protect your lien rights with no document-printing, envelope-licking, or statute-researching.



How much time do you spend on lien rights?

We prioritize your projects' notice deadlines and reminders so you know what to submit and when.


Talk to a Lien Expert

Ditch the spreadsheets. Together, let's take control of your lien compliance, payments, and work day. 

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Simplify Your Lien Waivers - All your lien waivers are stored in one place. In the time it takes to recieve and send one waiver offline, you can electronically collect, sign, send, and share dozens with zlien

Get Paid Faster
- Send unlimited notices to improve A/R, lower DSO, and improve cash flow.

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Improve Accuracy and Mitigate Risk- We research and track every order. With zlien's deadline tracking, you'll never ask "has the document been sent?" again. Our JobSight team researches your documents to ensure compliance in every state.

Save Time
 - No printing, downloading, or faxing. You integrate your project data, and we research and fulfill your orders. Keep track of all projects in one place online.

Seamlessly Integrate 
- Integrate your data in a  system customized for you, or backend our platform in your system. We'll work with you to leverage zlien's powerful platform with minimal disruption in your organization.

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Save Money - We want you take full advantage of your lien rights. For one cost, send unlimited preliminary notices and ensure payment on every project.